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Hire a Laid Off Worker
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LWC Contact
Janna Taylor (JTaylor4@lwc.la.gov)
Rapid Response Business Liaison
24 Accent Drive, Suite 151
Monroe, LA 71202

Welcome to HALOW: Hire a Laid-Off Worker.

Is your business looking for a skilled worker with a proven work history?
     Consider hiring a laid off worker from our statewide HALOW database.
     Simply select a business name below to see a full list of the affected workers or type a job title in the search box below.
     Once you’ve identified potential Candidates, contact the LWC staff above to get connected with the laid off worker.

To begin your search, enter a job title or a partial job title:

Select a name of one of the dislocating employer(s) below:
(The results will be displayed on the details page.)

Lafayette, LA
Layoff Date: 3/4/2022
Type: Non-WARN

Belle Chasse, LA
Layoff Date: 1/7/2022
Type: WARN

Baton Rouge, LA
Layoff Date: 11/1/2021
Type: WARN

Gramercy, LA
Layoff Date: 5/20/2022
Type: WARN