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A Specialist First Class has his weapon ready.
Photo by Sgt. Tierney Nowland

The importance of training for meaningful employment has not been overlooked. Title 38 requires the state to provide priority information to veterans and covered persons regarding Priority of Services in Louisiana Workforce Commission job training programs.

photo by 2nd Lt. Shannon Collins

A pararescueman jumps from an HC-130.

This requirement is found in Title 38, U.S.C., Section 4215, (C), (1)(2).

"(C) Administration of Programs at State and local levels. An entity of a State or a political subdivision of the state that administers or delivers services under a qualified job training program shall —

(1) provide information and priority service to covered persons regarding benefits and services that may be obtained through other entities or service providers; and

(2) ensure that each covered person who applies to, or who is assisted by, such a program is informed of the employment-related rights and benefits to which the person is entitled under this section."

Contact your Veteran Representative for details of training available.

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