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Vocational Rehabilitation > LRS Technical Assistance and Guidance Manual

Table of Contents

401Basic Principles of Vocational Rehabilitation Program
402Referrals and Applicants
403Case Record Filing System
404Applicant Interview
405Determining Eligibility for Vocational Rehabilitation Services
406Order of Selection
408Vocational Guidance and Counseling for Career Planning
409Assessment for Determining Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Needs
410Comparable Services and Similar Benefits
411Financial Status
411.01Period of Performance, Authorizations, Payments and Validation
412.01Scope of Services – General Information
412.02Guidance and Counseling during Service Delivery
412.03Restoration (Physical/Mental)
412.04Rehabilitation Technology – General
412.05Hearing Aids
412.06Job Accommodations
412.07Home Modifications for Accessibility
412.08Motor Vehicle Modifications
412.09Special Services
412.10Personal Care Attendant Services (PCA)
412.11LRS – Operated Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)
412.12On–the–Job Training
412.13Deleted - Effective: October 1, 2012
412.13.1Time Limited Job Coaching
412.14Supported Employment Services
412.14.1Customized Employment
412.15Transition from School to Work
412.15.1Comprehensive Transition Programs
412.15.2Project Search
412.16College Training
412.17Proprietary/State Operated Vocational Technical School Training
412.18Out of State Training
412.19Small Business Enterprises
412.20Occupational Tools, Equipment, Licensing, & Personal Computers
412.23Books, Supplies, Training Tools, and Incidentals
412.24Child Care Services
412.25Randolph-Sheppard Program
412.26Job Readiness, Development, and Placement
413Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE)
413.01Measurable Skills Gains and Credentials
414Job Placement
415Case Closure – Employment Outcome Achieved
416Post Employment Services
417Advancement in Employment
418Transfer of Client Record
419Lost, Stolen or Forged Checks
420Confidentiality of Client Records and Information
421Due Process – Applicant/Consumer Appeal Rights
422Additional Guidelines for SSI/SSDI Recipients