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Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)

This free program provides an effective worksite safety program to smaller businesses. Businesses who satisfy specific SHARP requirements are exempt from federal OSHA compliance inspections for a period of one year.

To qualify, a business must:

  • Have less than 250 employees at one site (or no more than 500 total employees nationwide).

  • Have been in operation for at least one year.

  • Have a Days Away/Restricted Time (DART) rate and Total Recordable Case Rate (TRCR) below the
    national average
    for that industry.

All requests to participate in SHARP are as simple as contacting Workplace Safety for a free, confidential on-site, comprehensive safety and health survey.

For more information regarding SHARP, please contact Sonny Mills at (800) 201-2495 or by email at

To see what our customers are saying about SHARP, click on the map below.

Business: C-Port Business: Anthony Forest Products Business: Winn Funeral Home Business: Savoie Sausage Business: Zen-noh Grain Corporation Business: Zapp's Potato Chips Business: Stine's Lumber Company Business: Landmark Retirement Home Business: Cornerstone Village Nursing Home Business: Wynhoven Healthcare Center Business: Golden Age Nursing Home Map of Louisiana showing what SHARP award winners have to say about winning the award.

Anthony's Forest Products
Charlotte Humphries,
Environmental and Safety Manager

"My motto is that safety doesn't cost, it pays.  I would like to recommend LWC's Workers' Safety Consultation Unit to any company because they really help make your business as safe as possible.  Winning the SHARP award is wonderful because I'm a firm believer that your safety program affects every aspect of your company, from morale to production and quality."

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Cornerstone North Nursing Home / Landmark Nursing Home
Russell Linscombe, Administrator

"We participated in this program on a voluntary basis, so it is an honor that we are receiving the SHARP award for safety in our workplace. Our employees and staff members should look at this award as a personal compliment to the good job they are doing for the members of their community."

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Clarence Triche, Vice President

"This is a great honor for us for the simple fact that only four companies in Louisiana have received the SHARP award.  We are especially proud because docking facilities are usually not the safest work environments and the chance for injury is great.  Our safety record speaks for itself, and we are pleased that OSHA feels the same way."

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Golden Age Nursing Home
Angie Smith, Administrator

"I am very pleased with the help we received from the Louisiana Workforce Commission. They didn't come in here ready to 'cut our throats.' Instead, they were so helpful. Our workers' compensation premiums have remained low because of winning the SHARP award, and the award has also helped us greatly with OSHA inspections."

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Savoie's Sausage
Freddie Lafleur, Chief Operating Manager

"Not only does the SHARP award significantly reduce our workers' compensation premiums, it gives us a little extra assurance to let us know that we are moving in the right direction and making our company a better, safer place for our employees."

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Stine Lumber Company
Paula Gaspard, Vice President of Human Resources and Training

"Not only does the SHARP award help save money, but it also sheds light on some of the main things that we all need to pay attention to when it comes to safety.  It's a tool to help us become more aware and to maintain our safety status in years to come."

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Winnfield Funeral Home
Bernard Williams, Human Resource Manager

"The workplace safety consultants from the Louisiana Workforce Commission have been by my side from day one. We never felt nervous when the Louisiana Workforce Commission came in to help us with our safety program. Many companies may be afraid to invite them in for safety consultations, but the Louisiana Workforce Commission's safety team is certainly there to help, not hurt. We have benefited greatly. It's a wonderful program."

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Wynhoven Health Care Center
Phil Templet, Administrator

"The Louisiana Workforce Commission has helped us to learn more about how to properly lift residents without causing back injury to our employees, and we've received wonderful training on how to safely get rid of medical waste such as syringes and soiled linens. We have become more aware of good hygiene and wearing the proper personal protection to avoid contact with various medical conditions. Our employees are much more conscious of our potential hazards in the facility."

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Zapp's Potato Chips
Ron Zappe, Owner

"It's hard being a business owner today. There's competition, making a profit - I've got to survive.  Safety in my workplace? I'm overloaded as it is. Heck, I'm already wearing ten hats. That's why I called the experts. I got a free workplace safety consultation, and let me tell you, they saved me lots of money. Me and the Louisiana Workforce Commission, it's a great partnership!"

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Zen-Noh Grain Corporation
Rodney Duhe', Plant Manager

"Investing in our people's safety and providing a safe work environment are very important to us.  A good safety program saves us money and, more importantly, boosts our employees' safety awareness, morale, and motivation."

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