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Identity Verification for Unemployment Claims

The Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) is partnering with federally certified identity verification provider to streamline the identity verification process on new unemployment claims.

Individuals filing new unemployment claims on LWCs HiRE website are briefly redirected to ID.mes website to create an account to verify their identity before being allowed to proceed with the claim registration. Users should save the recovery code provided in case they do not complete the verification the first time or need to change devices to complete the process.

The automated ID verification process takes about five minutes to complete for about 85 percent of users. For the others, offers video chats with trained representatives who assist with the ID verification.

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    Common reasons for self-service failure include:
  • ID document photo may be blurry or shadowed, or otherwise unreadable.
  • Data sources - like credit bureaus - may have incorrect, insubstantial or outdated information. Common reasons include thin credit files, individuals with name changes and individuals without a permanent address.
  • Credit history may be nonexistent.
  • Phone number may not be associated with their name.

Individuals who use the verification when filing their new unemployment claim will have their identity verified much faster, eliminating extra steps in the claim review process. Identity verification for COVID-related unemployment claims is a requirement, per federal regulations.

LWC is planning to expand the functionality to already existing unemployment claims still pending review for identity verification.

    Tips for Successful Verification
  • Ensure all documentation is current and not expired
  • Create a clear digital copy of your documents
    • Match the orientation to the document
    • Turn off the flash to reduce glare
    • Place your document against a dark background
    • Make sure there are no other objects in the photo
    • Take the photo straight on, not at an angle
    • Your document should fill up as much of the frame as possible without cutting any of it off. All 4 corners should be visible.
  • Make sure your submission does not contain any errors or typos
  • Your phone number must be associated with your name and address

Louisiana is one of a growing number of states using to combat ID theft and prevent unemployment benefits fraud. Almost 70 percent of the U.S. population is using for unemployment identity verification. is also used by a number of federal government agencies, including the Social Security Administration, U.S. Treasury, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.