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Unemployment Compensation Law

The Louisiana Revised Statutes containing the Unemployment Compensation Law are found in Title 23, Chapter 11, Sections 1471 through 1750.10. Most public libraries have a copy of the Louisiana Revised Statutes. However, you may also access these statutes through the Louisiana Legislature's Web site at

Clicking on “Louisiana Laws” on the menu bar on the left side of the Legislature's Web site's main screen will bring you to a search page for the laws. Since the site, at present, requires the user to access each individual section of the statute rather than allowing the user to scroll through the entire body of statutes, we have listed each applicable section below.

On the search page, select “RS” for the Law Body; enter “23” next to Title, Article, or Rule Number; enter the applicable number listed below for Section Number; and click on View to access the law.

CHAPTER 11. Unemployment Compensation

PART I. General Provisions

PART II. Funds and Accounts

Subpart A. Unemployment Compensation Fund

Subpart B. Employment Security Administration Fund

PART III. Contributions

PART IV. Period, Election, and Termination of Employers' Coverage

PART V. Qualifications for Benefits

PART VI. Determination of Claims--Appeals and Review

PART VII. Administration

PART VIII. Protection of Rights and Benefits

PART IX. Penal Provisions

PART X. Alternative Collection Procedures and Assessments

Subpart A. Outstanding Contributions

Subpart B. Overpaid Benefits

PART XI. Shared-Work Plans