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Wage & Tax Report Amendments that meet the following conditions, may be filed online through our secure services at
  • An amendment cannot be filed for a Wage & Tax Report that was never submitted.
  • Multiple amendments must be filed per quarter, in sequence, for the year involved.

Instructions For Amending Wage & Tax Reports Electronically

From the home screen:

Click File Wages & Taxes highlighted in green

Go to Number 3 - Amend a Report and click Tax Services

This will bring you to the login screen. Once logged in you will be directed to the Employer Services Page.

Click File Wage Reports. This will bring you to the Employer Home Page. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select from the (2) choices regarding amending wage reports online:

  1. Add, Change or Delete Individual Employee(s) Data Previously Submitted Online.

  2. Completely Replace a Report Previously Submitted Online by either Replacing the Report(s) by Manual Entry or Replacing the Report(s) by File Upload.

Once you have selected the method of amending your return(s), select the year and quarter to be amended and make the necessary changes accordingly. Preview your changes and submit.

This page was last updated on April 27, 2020.