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Welcome to the Louisiana Workforce Commission. We are driving the development of a workforce that meets the current and future needs of YOUR business when it comes to helping YOU fill positions with qualified and skilled job seekers.


Utilize our online tools,job placement services and paid training to get quick staff replacement, reduced training periods, less turnover and lower YOUR state unemployment insurance tax rates.

  1. Understand YOUR Regional Labor Market

  2. Research the current and future workforce data in YOUR area by industry, occupation and education. Let our information drive YOUR sound business decisions when it comes to YOUR company’s hiring needs.

    Learn more by visiting the Labor Market Information (LMI) or Louisiana Occupational Information System (LOIS).

  3. Want Qualified Employees

  4. Save time and money by working with LWC to find the skilled applicants YOU need to fill YOUR company’s job vacancies.

    Check out Helping Individuals Reach Employent (HiRE) Try our Virtual Recruiter component, which offers YOU the convenience to set search criteria and save résumés of applicants who fit YOUR criteria at any time. YOU choose how YOU receive YOUR search results. Options include YOUR message box, YOUR email address or even YOUR cell phone.

  5. Vocational Rehabilitation Program

  6. Take advantage of this comprehensive program, which provides a diverse pool of qualified and trained individuals with disabilities to fill YOUR job vacancies.

    • Benefits of using Louisiana Rehabilitation Service’s flagship Vocational Rehabilitation program include:
      • Wage reimbursement
      • On-the-job training
      • Prescreened applicants
      • No-cost placement services
      • Minimal paperwork
      • Placement services

    Statistics have shown that workers with disabilities generally have a lower rate of turnover, absenteeism and tardiness.

  7. Veterans Services

  8. Tap into an applicant pool that can hit the ground running and who possess the leadership qualities YOUR company seeks. United States military veterans are team players with built-in drive and a goal-oriented approach that can help YOUR business succeed. Allow “America’s Best” to become a value-added component of YOUR company’s team.

    Give LWC an opportunity to show YOU how to identify and hire a veteran.

  9. Minor (Child) Labor Programs

  10. Looking to add valuable depth to YOUR workforce while building YOUR company’s future capacity…hiring youth can be a cost effective way for YOU to achieve these goals. The Minor (Child) Labor Programs Unit at the LWC can help YOU save money and resources by proactively advising YOUR company on how to safely and efficiently incorporate minors into YOUR existing workplace environment.

  11. Foreign Labor

  12. Considering foreign workers as a useful supplement to YOUR workforce…the LWC Foreign Labor Certification Unit provides value-added services to employers looking to hire a non U.S. citizen. Our professional team can provide solutions for YOUR company that will allow YOU to secure foreign labor employees for job openings while still ensuring that U.S. citizens have an opportunity to compete for the positions.

  13. Fidelity Bonding Program

  14. Concerned about hiring employees…allow our workforce professionals to show YOU how the Fidelity Bonding Program can provide a bonded insurance guarantee for hiring hard-to-place job seekers so YOU can feel good about YOUR decision to hire. It only takes a few minutes to certify an applicant and our team can issue bonds on-site. Let LWC help make YOU feel comfortable about filling hard-to-fill positions.

  15. National Emergency Grants

  16. Issued during times of natural disaster, NEGs provide one-time funding to assist in economic recovery. The money may be used for worker training and small business capitalization, which can save businesses time and money while working to recover from disaster.

    Let our team explore the availability of trained workers ready for YOU to hire.

  17. Hiring/Recruiting Events

  18. We can arrange, set up, advertise and take the lead on a hiring or recruiting event, such as a job fair, to get the type of job candidates that YOU need to fill YOUR company’s job openings. Prior to the interview process, we will recruit and prescreen the applicants to focus on their competencies – knowledge, skills, experience and track record to ensure a compatible fit with YOUR company so YOU can make the best possible hiring decisions.

  19. Contact Us

  20. YOUR company can receive one-on-one services from an experienced LWC business services professional to meet the individualized workforce needs of YOUR organization. LWC has a network of American Job Centers located across the state. Whether YOU are looking to fill one job opening or 100, we have the resources to grow YOUR business. Best of all, YOU’VE ALREADY PAID for our services.

    Connect with LWC today.