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Job Fairs & Events

Event:Workforce Week
Date:August 8, 2023
Time:8 AM & 12 PM
Location:8 AM Breakfast-State Office Building (Monroe), 12 PM Lunch-Richland Parish Police Jury
Breakfast-24 Accent Dr, Monroe(Suite B702), Lunch-35 Lynn Gayle Robertson Rd, Rayville

Shea Cheatham/Jamie Massey


WDB-81 & WDB-83


We will discuss posting job orders for your business, use of social media to recruit employees, assisting in a job fair specific to your business or company, on the job training& work experience program, rapid response, WIOA& LWC services, and assisting with recruiting accounts in HiRE. Please RSVP by July 28th by registering with the QR code or call your local workforce office.

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