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Job Fairs & Events

Event:Barksdale NONapropriated Fund (BAFB) Job Fair
Date:July 12, 2021
Time:10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location:Bossier Business & Career Solutions Center
4000 Viking Drive, Suite B-1 Bossier City, La 71111

Barksdale NONapropriated Fund; AJC; LWC


To learn more about a specific position visit and look up the Job Order Number (JO#). Recreation Aid (Info, Tickets, and Travel) JO# 1121494 Child & Youth Program Assistant JO# 1121518 Recreation Aid (Lifeguard) - JO# 1121527 Food Service Worker JO# 1121549 & 1122293 Custodian Worker JO# 1121560 Guest Service Worker - JO# 1121568 Cook - JO# 1121580 & 1121585 Operations Assistant - JO# 1122279 Recreation Aid (Gate Checker) - JO# 1122287 Custodial Worker (Janitor) - JO# 1122297 Waiter - JO# 1122309 Food Service Worker (Coffee Shop) - JO# 1122313

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