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Job Fairs & Events

Event:Louisiana Disability Determination Services Job Fairs
Date:June 30, 2021
Time:9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location:Baton Rouge DDS
5825 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806



Louisiana Disability Determination Services


What is Disabilities Determinations Services? Most Social Security disability claims are initially processed through a network of local Social Security Administration (SSA) field offices and State agencies (usually called Disability Determination Services or DDSs). The DDSs, which are fully funded by the Federal Government, are State agencies responsible for developing medical evidence and making the initial determination on whether or not a claimant is disabled or blind under the law. In Louisiana, DDS is under the parent-agency Department of Children and Family Services, DCFS. Duties for A Disability Determinations Examiner 1:  Managing a caseload of 100-130 claims, including initiating 10-15 new claims each week  Closely monitoring and following-up on claims to ensure timely action  Analyzing legal and programmatic issues  Following Social Security Administration policies to process claims  Rationalizing decisions Starting Salary For a Disability Determinations Examiner 1: $15.87/hr ($32,999.20/yr) DDS has plans to hire in July or August 2021 for the Baton Rouge location. Multiple openings for the DISABILITY DETERMINATIONS EXAMINER 1 position will be available! For information about job positions and the Professional Level Exam (PLE) go to

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