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Job Fairs & Events

Event:Cactus Wellhead Job Fair
Date:June 10, 2021
Time:10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location:Bossier Business & Career Solutions Center
4000 Viking Drive, Suite B-1 Bossier City, La 71111


The Coordination & Development Corporation; LWC; Cactus Wellhead


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT A SPECIFIC POSITION VISIT LAWORKS.NET AND LOOK UP THE JOB ORDER NUMBER (JO#). Assembly Technician (Day and Night) - JO#1105898 CNC Machinist (Day and Night) - JO#1105889 Painter (Day and Night) - JO#1105893 Valve Specialist - JO#1105895 Warehouse Clerk - JO#1105890 Welder - JO#1105888

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