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Have you been a victim of identity fraud?

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Unemployment identity fraud happens when criminals use other people’s information to illegally receive unemployment benefits – and it’s increasingly common. Sometimes criminals use stolen personal information to illegally log into a person’s unemployment account and steal the unemployment benefit payments intended for the real claimant. This is known as "Claim Hijacking" or "Claim/Account Takeover.""

Many people who experience unemployment identity fraud only find out when they get something in the mail, like a notice from a state unemployment agency or a state-issued 1099-G tax form reporting unemployment benefits that they never requested or received. People filing for unemployment may become aware of "Claim Hijacking" or "Claim/Account Takeover" when they unexpectedly stop receiving unemployment benefit payments and notice that the bank account or address information on their unemployment claim was changed without their knowledge.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission investigates all fraud tips and complaints submitted to our office. If you have previously submitted this form to report identity fraud, there is no need to resubmit unless:
  1. You did not save the initial report or confirmation for your records.
  2. You did not receive an email from our office with next step instructions.

IMPORTANT: You must file a report or complaint with the following agencies and provide copies of these reports. It is recommended that you have these reports BEFORE you submit the form below:
  1. A report filed with your local law enforcement agency
  2. The Office of Inspector General’s online Allegation Form, available at
  3. Report fraud that occurred after March 2020 to the US Department of Justice’s National Center for Disaster Fraud.

A complete list of all documentation that will be required will be emailed to you as part of the fraud reporting process. Please save your fraud report and confirmation, along with all of the requested documentation, for your records and for tax purposes. If you are sure that you received a 1099-G in error, you do not have to wait on us for a corrected 1099-G to file your taxes. The IRS has advised that you can attach a statement with your return as to why you are not reporting the income from a form 1099-G issued in your name.

Once this form is submitted, and you have provided the LWC with all requested documents, there is no need to contact us. We will only contact you if additional information is needed.

*Note: This information is specifically for unemployment identity fraud. Report other types of unemployment fraud, including claimant eligibility fraud or employer fraud, at