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The Apprenticeship Advisor
The official newsletter of the Apprenticeship Division, where you can get the inside scoop on registered apprenticeship activities and hot topics from around the state.
Apprenticeship Action Clinic Resources
The Louisiana Apprenticeship Action Clinic, the first of its kind to be hosted in this state, took place October 27 - 29, 2009.
Apprenticeship Benefits for Workers
Looking for a career that pays well, but college isn’t the path for you?  Explore “The Other 4-Year Degree” where you can earn while you learn.
Apprenticeship Benefits for Employers
Is your workforce prepared to compete in the 21st century? Learn about increasing the education, skill, and experience levels of your employees.
Frequently Asked Questions About Apprenticeship
Need more information? Find the answer here.
Registered Apprenticeship Programs and Contact Information
Find a registered program in your area and contact them for specific career-related information.
State Apprenticeship Council
Information about the role and membership of the Louisiana State Apprenticeship Council.
Apprenticeship Laws and Regulations
Provides information on the laws and regulations relating to apprenticeship programs.
Forms for Apprenticeship Programs/Apprentices
Provides links to various relevant forms relating to the apprenticeship program.
Additional Links
Websites related to apprenticeship in Louisiana and nationwide, including general information and program sponsor web pages.
About the Louisiana State Apprenticeship Division
Learn more about us and related contact information.