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About the Louisiana State Apprenticeship Division

The Apprenticeship Division falls within the Labor Programs Section of the Office of Workforce Development, Louisiana Workforce Commission. The Director of Apprenticeship oversees the division, and is supported by nine compliance officers located throughout Louisiana.

Registered Apprenticeship is a nationally recognized, voluntary industry-driven training program. The registered apprenticeship program can be a partnership of business and organized labor as the primary operators of programs, or implemented by employers or employer associations.

The Louisiana Registered Apprenticeship Division provides technical consultation services on the development of apprenticeship standards. Employers or groups of employers and unions design, organize, manage, and finance registered apprenticeship programs under a set of apprenticeship standards, which include an on-the-job training outline, related classroom instruction curriculum and the apprenticeship operating procedures. These standards are then approved and registered through the Registered Apprenticeship Division.

The division is also responsible for developing materials and conducting a program of public awareness to secure the adoption of training in skilled occupations and related training policies and practices used by employers, unions, and other organizations; developing policies and plans to enhance opportunities for minority and female participation in skilled training; and coordinating the effective use of resources to create a clear training-to-employment corridor for customers of the workforce development system.

For any questions regarding the Registered Apprenticeship Program, please contact the appropriate compliance officer in your area for specific information about your region, or call the Administrative Office in Baton Rouge for assistance:



Joseph Hollins, Director  

Rose Johnson, Program Assistant

Labor Programs Section
Louisiana Workforce Commission
1001 N. 23rd Street
Baton Rouge, LA  70802
Phone:  225-342-7820
Fax:  225-342-2717