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Incumbent Worker Training Program - Customized Training
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Note: Vendor courses must include a course outline and quote.  
In order to insure cost effectiveness, "class size" projects should be utilized when 10 or more students are to be trained in a particular course at one time. In such instances, the tuition should be listed in the "Cost per Course" section of this application. In instances where a non-credit "Cost Per Student" tuition is approved by LWC and more than 10 students attend the course at one time, LWC will reimburse no more than 10 times the "Cost Per Student" tuition.

 Training Provider 
     Course Title

 Qtr(s)   Training 

 Occupation of Student(s) 
          Training Type 

[Site of Training] 
[When is Training] 
 [Paid During Training] 
 Course Hours
 Number of Students 
Cost per Student 

 Employer Contribution 
     +     Total Requested 
Total Cost 

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LWC Sample Training Co.
 Sample - How to do a Tax Audit 1,3,5,7,9,11 Vendor Accounting Clerk
          Lecture/Lab Learning





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Course Title:
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Occupation of Students:
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Training Type:
Site of Training:
When Will Training Occur:
Students Paid During Training:
Courses Hours:
Number of Students in Course:
Course Cost per Student:
Total Employer Contribution:
Total Funding Requested:
Total Cost:


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