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Incumbent Worker Training Program - Customized Training
User: SampleUser TP: LWC Sample Training Co.
Empr: Sample C.E. Test Co. Application #: Sample


Note: Vendor courses must include a course outline and quote.
LWC will reimburse primary training provider 100% of course costs provided a minimum of 75% of scheduled participants are in attendance. If attendance is less than 75%, LWC will reimburse a prorated share of total course costs based on percentage of participants that have attended the training. If a course is to be taught by a company instructor, the cost is limited to the company instructor's hourly salary plus fringe benefits times the number of course hours.
Minimum number of students = total # of students divided by # of times course is to be offered X 75% (rounded down).

 Training Provider 
     Course Title

 Qtr(s)   Training 

 Occupation of Student(s) 
          Training Type 

[Site of Training] 
[When is Training] 
 [Paid During Training] 
 Course Hours 
Min / Total
 Cost p/Course 
 # of times 

 Empr Contribution 
     +     Total Req'd 
Total Cost 

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LWC Sample Training Co.
 Sample-How prepare for Audits 1-12 Private Accounting Clerk
          Distance Learning

[During Work Hours]

2   /   25




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Training Provider:
Course Title:
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7  8  9  10  11  12
Occupation of Students:
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occupation by pressing the 'Control' 
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Training Type:
Site of Training:
When Will Training Occur:
Students Paid During Training:
Courses Hours:
Total No. of Students:
# of times Course to be offered:
*Min No. of Students p/Course:
Course Cost p/Course:
Total Employer Contribution:
Total Funding Requested:
Total Cost:

(*) For full reimbursement, this is the
      minimum number of students
               required to attend this course
               per time offered. This is based
               on 75% of total # of students
               divided by # of times offered.

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