Date:July 20, 2009
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Louisiana Has Annual Job Growth in Important Industry Sectors

Louisiana was among the 38 states that recorded higher unemployment rates in June, but the Louisiana rate of 6.8 percent remains significantly lower than the national rate of 9.5 percent and the 9.2 percent rate for the South region, according to information released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics today.

The June unemployment rate ranked Louisiana ninth in the nation. Michigan had the highest rate with 15.2 percent and North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate with 4.2 percent in June.

The Louisiana unemployment rate increased .2 percentage points from May; the U.S. rate increased .1 percentage point over the month while the Southern rate increased by .3.

Louisiana’s civilian labor force – the number of people working or looking for work – for June was 2,067,695, down slightly from the May revised figure of 2,069,048. The number of employed in June was 1,926,838, down from 1,932,905 in May. The number of unemployed in Louisiana in June 2009 rose to 140,857 from 136,143 in May. Civilian labor force statistics are estimated from a sample survey by place of residence.

Seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs in Louisiana declined by 11,400 from June 2008 to June 2009, bringing the total number of jobs in the state to 1,928,800. Over the month, the state experienced a drop of 1,800 nonfarm jobs.

Preliminary seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment by sector for June 2009 was as follows: construction, 140,600, up from 140,100 employed in May; manufacturing, 143,700, down from 144,600; other services, 70,300, up from 69,900; trade, transportation, and utilities, 378,800, up from 378,300; information, 27,400, up from 27,100; financial activities, 91,400, down 1,000 from May’s figure; professional and business services, 201,800, up from 201,500; education and health services, 258,400, down from 259,800; leisure and hospitality, 196,600, down from 196,900; government, 367,200, down 500 from last month; and mining and logging (formerly natural resources and mining), 52,600, up from 52,300.

Louisiana experienced the second smallest decline in nonfarm jobs over the year among the states in the South region. Industry sectors adding jobs over the year in Louisiana were: construction, up 5,400 jobs; government, which includes public education, up 4,700 jobs; education and health services, up 2,800 jobs; leisure and hospitality, up 1,600; and other services, up 1,300 jobs.

“The information for the past month and the past year clearly show areas of strength that are helping Louisiana’s economy continue to do better than the regional and national economies,” Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Tim Barfield said. “Too many of our people are unemployed as a result of the national recession, but we do have more jobs in some industry sectors that are important drivers in our state’s economy.”

The full BLS report is available at: . Louisiana’s not seasonally adjusted data comparing the MSA areas and parishes will be released on July 24, 2009.

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