Date:July 3, 2008
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Dept. of Labor to become Louisiana Workforce Commission

BATON ROUGE — Effective today, the Louisiana Department of Labor officially becomes the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The change is a result of legislation being signed today by Gov. Jindal to reform the state’s workforce development delivery system.

“As the Louisiana Workforce Commission, we will lead the integration of workforce development and support services offered by multiple state agencies to provide a comprehensive, demand-driven system that meets the needs of employers and job seekers,” said Tim Barfield, whose title changes from labor secretary to executive director of the new agency. “This expansion of our scope recognizes our critical role in supporting economic development activities.”

The commission will continue to administer the state’s unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation systems. Business and Career Solutions Centers across the state will offer customized support services to employers and job seekers.

In addition to Barfield, the new Louisiana Workforce Commission’s leadership team includes Deputy Executive Director Tia Edwards, Chief of Staff Trey LeBlanc, Chief Financial Officer Benny Soulier, Director of Workforce Development Stacy Bonnaffons, Director of Unemployment Insurance Administration Marianne Sullivan, Director of Workers’ Compensation Chris Broadwater and Press Secretary and Special Projects Director Curt Eysink.

The agency within the Governor’s Office that has been known as the Louisiana Workforce Commission will become the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council in the office of the executive director. It will be charged with forecasting workforce demand so that appropriate training and development opportunities can be offered to meet it.

The commission will host workforce summits around the state in September and October for business and industry leaders, labor leaders, educators, economic development groups, local and state political leaders and workforce development specialists. A Customized Business Services Group is also being formed to provide one-door service for workforce solutions offered by multiple state agencies.

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