Date:March 18, 2008
Contact:Public Relations @ (225) 342-3035

Seven additional sites in Lafayette Parish now issuing employment certificates

LAFAYETTE – The Labor Department today announced seven new locations in Lafayette Parish for minors to apply for employment certificates, which are required for all employees under the age of eighteen working in Louisiana. Previously, employment certificates could only be obtained at the Lafayette Parish School Board or W. D. Smith Career Center office.

“The additional sites make it much more convenient for minors to obtain the certificates they need to start working,” said Ralph Bergeron, Labor Programs Division workforce development supervisor. “Students can easily apply for a certificate during the normal course of their school day.”

When applying for an employment certificate, a minor must submit proof of age, written permission from a parent or legal guardian and an intent to employ form signed by the prospective employer. The certificate must be on file with the employer before any work can be done by the minor.

“Because school records can satisfy the proof of age requirement, the process is streamlined for students applying at their own schools,” said Burnell Lemoine, Lafayette Parish superintendent of public schools.

Minors not currently attending public school should continue to apply for certificates at the Lafayette Parish School Board or W. D. Smith Career Center office.

For more information on minor labor laws and employment certificate requirements, contact Ralph Bergeron at

337-373-2132 or visit

Locations to obtain minor employment certificates in Lafayette Parish:

Lafayette Parish School Board

113 Chaplin Dr.

Lafayette, La.


W. D. Smith Career Center

200 18th St.

Lafayette, La.


Acadiana High School

315 Rue Du Be'lier

Lafayette, La.


Carencro High School

721 W. Butcher Switch Rd.

Lafayette, La.


Charter High School

516 E. Pinhook Rd.

Lafayette, La.


Comeaux High School

100 W. Bluebird Dr.

Lafayette, La.


Lafayette High School

3000 W. Congress St.

Lafayette, La.


L.A.P.S. LaRosen Site

516 E. Pinhook Rd.

Lafayette, La.


Northside High School

301 Dunand St.

Lafayette, La.


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