Date:March 26, 2007
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There were 125,349 job vacancies reported in the second quarter of 2006 resulting in a 6.9 percent vacancy rate post-Katrina compared to the pre-Katrina 2.9 percent vacancy rate in the second quarter of 2005, according to the Louisiana Department of Laborís Job Vacancy Survey. The 2006 vacancy rate amounts to an increase of 69,978 job vacancies over the second quarter of 2005. The second quarter consists of the months of April, May and June.

The Job Vacancy Survey identifies the number and types of jobs available in specific industries and regions of the state. The survey results provide a unique snapshot of the conditions in a given region and/or occupational labor market.

Here are some of the reportís findings:

The New Orleans region reported 48 percent of the job vacancies post-Katrina.

The Construction industry sector had the largest percentage increase of job vacancies at 227.8 percent.

The Trade, Transportation, & Utilities industry sector, which includes occupations such as retail salespersons and truck drivers, had the largest number of job vacancies at 24,526.

Of the jobs reported vacant, 72 percent required a high school diploma or less, while 35 percent of the vacancies required no job experience.

Employers wanted experienced workers in 65 percent of the job vacancies reported.

The number of job vacancies in each hourly wage range increased in 2006 over 2005 by:

12 percent for the $5.15 or less range

103 percent for the $5.16 - $7.00 range

299 percent for the $7.01 - $10.00 range

13 percent for the $10.01 - $13.00 range

177 percent for the $13.01 - $16.00 range

126 percent for the $16.01 and over range

The Construction & Extraction occupational group had the largest number of vacancies with 14,601.

The highest vacancy rate of 13.6 percent was found in the occupational group Personal Care & Service, which includes child care workers, entertainment attendants & related workers, and personal, & home care aides to name a few occupations.

The top 10 openings were reported in the following occupations: retail salespersons; construction laborers; cashiers; truck drivers, heavy & tractor-trailer; waiters & waitresses; welders, cutters, solderers & brazers; maids & housekeeping cleaners; personal & home care aides; combined food preparation & servicing workers including fast food; and landscaping & groundskeeping workers.

Almost 27 percent of the surveyed employers reported that finding people who want to work was their greatest difficulty in filling the job vacancies, while 10.5 percent stated that they had no difficulty in finding workers.

For more detailed information on the latest Job Vacancy Survey results for Louisiana and the eight Regional Labor Market Areas, visit our Web site at, scroll over the tab at the top of the page for Labor Market Information, and select Job Vacancy Survey.

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