Date:January 16, 2014
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LWC introduces the LAWorks Safe Award
First 13 employers recognized for creating safe, healthy workplaces

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Workforce Commission recognized 13 companies with its new LAWorks Safe Award, a certification available to all employers demonstrating exemplary safety and health management systems that make their workplaces safer for employees and reduce incidents of illness and injury.

“The LAWorks Safe Award honors and supports employers for creating better and safer places to work. By participating and reducing rates of workplace illness and injury, employers can reduce their workers’ compensation premiums and improve their bottom line,” said Wes Hataway, director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s Office of Workers Compensation Administration.

The following employers received a certificate and a letter of commendation recognizing their commitment to workplace health and safety:

• Total Energy Services – Geismar & Broussard locations

• Savoie Sausage and Food Products – Opelousas

• Belchem Industrial Products – St. Gabriel

• Deep South Chemical- Broussard

• Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company - Geismar & Broussard locations

• Extreme Energy Service – Broussard

• Morris P. Hebert – Houma

• Anthony Forest Products – Plain Dealing

• Hessmer Nursing Home – Hessmer

• Lee Specialty – Youngsville

• UCALCO – West Baton Rouge

• Fire & Safety Specialist – Lafayette

• Aqueos Corporation –Brossard

Additional announcements will be made as new LAWorks Safe awards are given. To be considered for the award, employers can request a free and confidential on-site consultation with an LWC workplace safety and health consultant.

The consultant evaluates the worksite’s safety and health management system and factors including injury and illness rates, citations, procedures, policies, rules, training, employee involvement and designation of a medical provider.

Following the consultation, employers get the opportunity to correct any identified safety or health deficiencies and implement any missing elements required in an effective safety and health management system.

Employers who complete the consultation and meet the qualifications will receive an LAWorks Safe Award certificate along with a letter of commendation recognizing the employer’s commitment to workplace health and safety. The LAWorks Safe Award can be renewed each year if a renewal review finds the workplace still meets LAWorks Safe Award standards for health and safety.

The 10 requirements employers must meet to be considered for an LAWorks Safe Award are:

• Request and receive a free, on-site visit by the Louisiana Workforce Commission/OHSA Consultation Unit;

• Have no final order willful, repeat or willful-repeat citations at the worksite within 24 months of the initial consultation, and have no serious citations for serious injury or exposure at the worksite within the 12 months prior;

• Establish and maintain an effective injury and illness prevention program as a basis for a safety and health management system;

• Establish an injury and illness rate below the national and state averages for their industry;

• Empanel a safety committee made up of employees and management;

• Maintain a written claims management procedure (effective post-accident procedure);

• Draft a safety policy statement;

• Keep safety rules posted;

• Provide consistent safety and health training;

• Designate a medical provider.

To request an LAWorks Safe Award consultation, contact the LWC’s OHSA Consultation Unit at 1-800-201-2495.


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