Date:April 4, 2013
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Louisiana's improving economy shortens federal unemployment benefit again

Louisiana’s economy has strengthened enough to trigger the phasing out of another portion of federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation for the state’s long-term unemployed.

Currently there are two EUC tiers in Louisiana, with each providing 14 weeks of additional unemployment benefits for eligible unemployed workers who have exhausted their 26 weeks of regular state unemployment benefits.

Louisiana’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has averaged below 6 percent for three months, triggering the phase-out of Tier 2 of EUC benefits, effective April 13.

According to federal requirements, the phasing out of Tier 2 EUC benefits will proceed as follows:

• Any individual who has begun receiving EUC Tier 2 benefits, or who exhausts EUC Tier 1 on or before April 13, will be allowed to receive up to 14 weeks of Tier 2 benefits as long as they remain eligible.

• Anyone who exhausts Tier 1 EUC benefits after April 13 will not be eligible for Tier 2, even if they are still unemployed.

Approximately 4,250 individuals are receiving Tier 1 benefits in Louisiana.

This latest change marks the second time this year that improvements in the state’s total unemployment rate have triggered a phase-out of federal EUC benefits.

“Our latest employment figures show the highest number of people working in Louisiana since 2005,” LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink said. “For those people who need assistance in finding a job, we can help.”

Job seekers who receive state unemployment or EUC benefits are required to use employment services from the LWC, including skills assessments and development, job search and placement services, information on labor markets and training opportunities and, for those who qualify, financial assistance for training.

Find the nearest Business & Career Solutions Center, the handy Louisiana Star Jobs tool and other resources at Louisiana’s employment homepage,

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