Date:November 1, 2012
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LWC unveils new web-based job, career tool

The Louisiana Workforce Commission today unveiled Louisiana Star Jobs, a new web-based job search and career exploration tool that makes it easy for anyone to find and apply for the best jobs in Louisiana.

Louisiana Star Jobs is a user-friendly, interactive search tool that ranks the best occupations in Louisiana according to salary, the number of openings and the prospects for each career. It then filters the ranking to suit the individual job seeker based on specific occupation or career choices, educational background and income requirements. It then takes you straight to the job listings to apply, or links you to specific institutions in your area that offer the credentials needed to qualify for those jobs.

It's as easy to use as Google, and is available by clicking on the star icon on Louisiana's employment homepage,

Louisiana Star Jobs was designed to help a broad array of people – students in school considering which career to pursue, people who are working but are interested in new or better jobs, individuals actively seeking employment and people living in other states considering locating to Louisiana.

“Louisiana Star Jobs is a snap to use for students, people who are working but looking for a better job, the unemployed or people considering moving to or moving back to Louisiana," LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink said. “Never before has this kind of powerful labor market intelligence been available at everyone’s fingertips so that they can make smart choices for their futures.”

The LWC worked with the state Workforce Investment Council and LSU's Division of Economic Development to build Louisiana Star Jobs. The mission was to create an application that enables and encourages people to find and fill the highest value jobs that match their interests, backgrounds and needs, statewide or by region of the state.

“I’m excited about the opportunities Louisiana Star Jobs affords the future and present workforce in our state,” said Charles Moniotte chairman of the Workforce Investment Council. “Students, in particular, can access this tool to assist in understanding career choices and the education required that will allow them to remain in Louisiana.”

Louisiana Star Jobs finds and ranks jobs based on four criteria: projected demand, projected percentage job growth, the number of advertised job openings in the past year and wages.

The stronger the demand and growth of a particular job and the higher the pay, the more stars it gets. The best occupations get five stars. Occupations that pay well but have few job openings and poor prospects for the future get fewer stars, just as those that may have many openings but pay poorly.

Users can narrow their search to jobs in their region by entering their parish or ZIP code.

Louisiana Star Jobs also lets users:

Learn more about the job - By simply clicking on a particular job, the system provides more details about the job such as specific job duties, skill requirements and career pathways.

Find training – The tool shows users training required for specific jobs and lists providers and schools nearby. It also provides crucial details such as tuition, how long it takes to complete a program and whether it’s eligible for federal tuition assistance.

Explore all jobs - From the results page users can browse through the entire 2020 Occupational Forecast, a detailed report about occupations, wages and demand for those jobs in Louisiana for the next eight years. Without restarting a search, users can peruse any and all jobs in Louisiana along with a trove of information in the Occupational Forecast.

Share specific search results – The system allows users to conduct a search for a child, friend or colleague, save the results and share them with someone else via email.

Learn how to use it – Embedded within the system is a video tutorial that shows newcomers how to use it.

Louisiana Star Jobs and all the other LWC tools and resources are available for free at Louisiana's employment homepage at

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