Date:September 8, 2010
Contact:Public Relations @ (225) 342-3035

Community Action Awards, Showcase Highlight Houma Area Heroes

HOUMA – The community action agencies that serve low-income individuals in Assumption, Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes took time out Wednesday afternoon to honor those making a difference in their communities at a special event at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center.

Honored at the Community Action Hero Awards and Showcase were the core team of the Assumption Parish Housing and Community Development Office, Aaron Triggs of Raceland, and the Terrebonne Parish Community Services Block Grant staff. The event also included a showcase of the services the agencies offer to area residents through Community Services Block Grant funding administered by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC).

Assumption Community Action Agency, which serves an estimated 23,000 residents, selected the core staff of the Housing and Community Development Office for its Community Action Hero Award. “I had the pleasure of coming into this department six months ago. I was blessed to be welcomed by such an amazing family of women -- three ladies all unique and amazing,” said Assumption CAA Director Brucie Dejan in her nomination of intake workers Markel Sumpter, Kizzy Parker and Evangeline Davis. Dejan pointed out that during a leadership transition in the department, the staffers “rose to the occasion, kept the office going, and provided the needed support and services to the community -- not because they were told to do so, not because it was their job, and not because they desired any sort of recognition. They did so because they are heroes. They did so because they genuinely care about the well being of their community and its members.”

The Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action selected Aaron Triggs of Raceland as its 2010 Community Action Hero. Triggs “embodies the true spirit of a community hero. He is an individual who truly practices what he preaches,” the Lafourche office wrote in its nomination. A deacon at Third Zion Baptist Church in Raceland, Triggs also serves as an active member of the Lafourche Community Action Board. The office in Mathews receives calls from him often, wanting to know about volunteer opportunities and events that may be coming up in the parish. “He has participated in nearly every monthly food commodities distribution event the office has held—hauling and packing food boxes for those most in need of our services with a song in his heart and joy in his step,” said Freddia Ruffin-Roberson, executive director of the Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action.

Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government named Terrebonne Parish Community Services Block Grant staffers Chantelle Bunch, Lakeisha Ray and Lynn Nguyen as its 2010 Community Action Hero. “They have worked countless hours to provide assistance to the families in our community,” said Human Development Administrator Melanie VanBuren in nominating the women. “They have given up their days off, sacrificing without hesitation their time with their families. Their goal is to make sure that each and every family in our community receives the services so urgently needed in a timely manner. “

The awards were presented as part of the LWC’s promotion of community action agencies that provide supportive services to help low-income individuals become or remain self-sufficient.

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