Date:June 24, 2010
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Louisiana Metro Areas Gain Jobs in May

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana’s unadjusted nonfarm employment grew by 10,300 jobs from April to May, with job gains in every metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in the state, according to the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC).

The Baton Rouge MSA added the most jobs over the month with a 1,700-job increase, followed by Lake Charles with 1,200 new jobs, Shreveport with 1,100 jobs and Lafayette with 1,000 jobs. New Orleans was up by 500 jobs, Monroe and Alexandria each increased by 400; and Houma had 100 additional nonfarm workers over the month.

The unadjusted nonfarm job count for the state in May totaled 1,903,900. The unadjusted civilian labor force grew by 8,106 from April to May, to a total of 2,095,244. Nonfarm statistics are estimated from an employer-based sample survey that is taken by place of work for the pay period including the 12th of every month. The civilian labor force is estimated from a separate sample survey of residences.

“The growth in jobs and additions to the labor pool are positive signs. However, because the May data was collected during the early period of the oil spill, there are still many unknowns about the full impact this disaster will have on employment in many of our industries. Every day that oil flows unstopped in the Gulf impacts future employment for many Louisiana citizens,” said Curt Eysink, LWC executive director.

The usual historic pattern of a May spike in unemployment rates due to the entry of students into the labor force looking for summer jobs held true. Every parish and MSA in the state recorded an increase in their unemployment rate as the number of individuals, 16 years and over, who were either working or actively looking for work increased from April. Labor force data is estimated from a residence-based sample survey taken around the 12th of each month.

Parish and MSA unemployment data are not seasonally adjusted. Louisiana’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose from 6.2 to 7.1 percent in May. The U.S. unemployment rate for May was 9.3 percent, down from April’s 9.5 percent. Unadjusted rates are used to compare MSAs, parishes and counties to each other and to states and the nation.

Louisiana’s seasonally adjusted rate, used to compare states and the nation, was 6.9 percent in May, statistically unchanged from April. Louisiana’s May rate was the 10th lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

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