Community Services Block Grant [CSBG]

Final of Louisiana’s Current Community Services Block Grant

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Louisiana’s CSBG State Plan includes fifteen sections:

  • Section 1: CSBG Administrative Information
  • Section 2: State Legislation and Regulation
  • Section 3: State Plan Development and Statewide Goals
  • Section 4: CSBG Hearing Requirements
  • Section 5: CSBG Eligible Entities
  • Section 6: Organizational Standards for Eligible Entities
  • Section 7: State Use of Funds
  • Section 8: State Training and Technical Assistance
  • Section 9: State Linkages and Communication
  • Section 10: Monitoring, Corrective Action, and Fiscal Controls
  • Section 11: Eligible Entity Tripartite Board
  • Section 12: Individual and Community Income Eligibility Requirements
  • Section 13: Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) System
  • Section 14: CSBG Programmatic Assurances and Information Narrative
  • Section 15: Federal Certifications