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Employer:Advance Local Media
Metairie, LA
Layoff Date:7/2/2019
Job TitleTenure with
Parish of
Highest Level
of Education
Account Associate366 Month(s)Saint CharlesAttained secondary school diplomaN
Account Executive448 Month(s)JeffersonAttained an Associates degreeN
Call Center Manager81 Month(s)JeffersonAttained a Bachelors degreeN
Circulation Manager450 Month(s)JeffersonAttained secondary school diplomaN
Circulation Specialist151 Month(s)Saint TammanyAttained a Bachelors degreeN
Circulation Specialist452 Month(s)JeffersonCompleted one or more years of postsecondary educationN
Circulation Worker414 Month(s)Saint BernardAttained secondary school diplomaN
Customer Service Representatives12 Month(s)JeffersonAttained a Bachelors degreeN
Customer Service Representatives283 Month(s)OrleansCompleted one or more years of postsecondary educationN
District Manager159 Month(s)OrleansAttained a Bachelors degreeN
District Manager504 Month(s)JeffersonAttained an Associates degreeN
Information Tech380 Month(s)JeffersonAttained a Bachelors degreeN
IT Business Analyst69 Month(s)JeffersonAttained a Bachelors degreeN
Reporter420 Month(s)JeffersonAttained a Bachelors degreeN
Sales Representative149 Month(s)JeffersonAttained secondary school diplomaN
Team Lead153 Month(s)OrleansAttained an Associates degreeN
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