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Apprenticeship Benefits for Workers

Through the Apprenticeship Agreement, an apprentice, as an employee, receives supervised, structured on-the-job training combined with related technical instruction.The on-the-job training provides the diversity of training required to perform at a highly skilled level and the related instruction provides the technical knowledge required to perform at a highly skilled level. Some registered apprenticeship programs also have dual accreditation through post-secondary institutions which apply credit for apprenticeship completion towards an Associate Degree.

Increase in Wages

A progressively increasing schedule of wages is based on the journeyman's hourly wage of the apprentice's occupation. These increases occur with satisfactory progress in both related instruction and on-the-job training until wages reach up to 95% of the rate paid the journeyman in the occupation.

Completion Certificate

Upon completing a one to four year (2,000 hours to 8,000 hours) apprenticeship, the worker receives an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate and is recognized as a qualified journeyman nationwide. This Certificate is one of the oldest, most respected, and most highly portable industry credentials in use today. The Certificate is issued by the Louisiana State Apprenticeship Division.

Apprenticeship Participant Brochure (PDF).