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Apprenticeship Benefits for Employers

As a program sponsor, a well-planned administered apprenticeship program will:

  • Attract adequate numbers of highly qualified applicants.
  • Address industry's need to remain competitive by investing in the development and continuous upgrade of the skills of its workforce.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce cost of training.
  • Facilitate compliance with Federal and State Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.
  • Ensure availability of related technical instruction.
  • Enhance problem-solving ability of craft workers.
  • Ensure versatility of craft workers.
  • Develop a more committed workforce.

Apprenticeship Business Brochure

Technical Assistance

The Apprenticeship Division's field staff, located throughout Louisiana, provides technical assistance to potential and existing program sponsors and apprentices. Some of the technical assistance provided to potential and current program sponsors can include development of an apprentice record keeping system, identification of related instruction sources, and coordination of needed program sponsor services with other State and Federal employment and training programs (e.g., IWTP, WIA, Job Corps, Veterans Affairs). Technical assistance is also provided to those program sponsors who are required to adopt an Affirmative Action Plan and Selection Procedures.

Financial (Resources)

Federal and State educational and workforce development resources may pay a portion of the related technical instruction and/or instructors of related technical instruction. Contact the Apprenticeship Division for further information.